Firefly GarDen Art

unique elements for your yard & garden

Special Orders

We want to help you with the needs of your garden.

For example, if you need a trellis or arbor  that is wider or narrower than anything you have been able to find, we can make one that fits your specifications. Or perhaps you need a low fence that supports a row of sprawling plants. 

It is hard for us to make a one size fits all trellis or arbor. That is why we are very willing to work with you to fill specific needs and generally at no more expense than a standard item.

We are also able to do repairs on old arbors or trellises. A customer recently brought in an arbor that had three broken hinges on a pair of gates. We were able to strengthen the attachment points and re-weld the old hinges. 

Below are some of the items we have designed and installed for customers.