Firefly GarDen Art

Privacy Screen for a hot tub. 4'x8' 1/8" HR steel sheet.

This is a privacy screen for a hot tub. Kath had taken pictures and a few quick sketches of the view from the hot tub, while at the client's site.

She made 5 different sketches and the client choose the one he liked.

We were extremely lucky to have a Boise videographer - Eric Westrom - who was interested in capturing the process of going from a 2"x4" sketch to a 4"x8" enlargement on the copier to a 4'x8' piece of metal. Kath did a great job and Eric caught the process and then it was up to Rick. 

The photo is of the final stages of the installation.

These are different videos of our work. We will add more as we are able to get our videographer, Eric Westrom, with some free time and a subject that inspires him.

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