Firefly GarDen Art

unique elements for your yard & garden

We are a local business, with our shop in Garden City, that is mindful of the materials we use in making our products.

We recycle metal and unique objects we collect. Re-purposing and re-using is a part of our mind set. In addition, we use American produced metals. We are also able to repair existing objects that have broken.

Rick and Kath

Metal Garden Art

Let us help you achieve a special look for your yard and garden. 

Our business sprang from a desire for elements in our own garden. We wanted to have plants that needed support, supported, but in a way that added something to the garden - a bit of whimsy or elegance or just plain fun! Metal garden art, trellis design, garden decorations and garden accessories. In the winter season something would remain that looked good even without the plants.

We also had neighborhood critters that needed to be barred from using the garden as their own personal cafeteria. So gates that do the job, but again add a special touch was our goal. We wanted function and form.

The Artists